Storm Lake Iowa Acreage

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Even good things come to an end sometimes … living here has been one of the most beautiful experiences in our married life! Now that we are empty nesters … it’s time to downsize!  We’ve put this little website together in hopes that it will help us find the “perfect family” to pass this blessing on to.

This property has all the buildings you need!

  1. House
    2 bdrm, 1 full bath, water closet,  kitchen (remodeled), living room, front room, porch, and plenty of storage in the basement. Windows were replaced in 1998-99. Roof replaced in 1998. Siding and Tyvek installed in 1997. Walls insulated in 1997-98. Attic insulated in 2003.
    You’ll find custom built kitchen cabinets in the kitchen … one of my posts has pictures … they are pretty amazing (The MR made them).
  2. Garage
    The 2 car garage was wired, insulated and finished on the inside in 2000. A propane heater installed, the attic space insulated and automatic door openers installed.
  3. Barn
    A new, steel roof has been installed on the barn and the interior cleaned up (when we bought it there was tons, literally, of old straw and hay stored inside and the two small storage rooms were 4′-5′ deep in manure). Lights and outlets have been installed throughout the barn. The lofts are in excellent condition. Some minor repair could be done to the exterior if it was going to be painted. If steel siding is applied very little prep work would be required.
  4. Woodshop
    This building was wired to handle a wide variety of woodworking tools and a window A/C unit. It has propane heat and is part of the home’s satellite TV system (umhum … MR works better while watching the ballgame…so…whatever works … that’s my motto!)  In addition to insulating the walls and finishing them with strand board, the attic space has been well insulated … making it feasible to keep this building above freezing throughout the winter months.
    There is a built-in work bench and a storeroom complete with lots of strong storage shelves.  All you need to do is bring your tools and your creative genius!
  5. Corn Crib
    The woodworker (aka THE MR) in the house loves this building! He uses it to cure raw-cut lumber. Years ago he was able to buy some of the oak trees doomed by the Hwy 71 project in Spirit Lake, Iowa (the state was widening the road and there were beautiful, old growth Oak trees in the way). Once milled, MR cured the planks in the corn crib and later used them to build kitchen cabinets for the house…you’ll want to cruise over to the link for KITCHEN and check them out!
  6. Quansit
    This building is the perfect place to store large equipment, vehicles, boats etc! We’ve used it numerous times for winter storage of our friends’ recreational toys!
  7. Crafters Cottage
    This building is sure to spark imaginations! When we took possession of the property in 1996 it was filled with dirty bedding, having been used for rabbits, chickens, and a few pigeons (based on local folklore). Our daughter made some cozy little hide-aways to keep her kittens warm the first couple years and we stored our garden tools here.

    In 1999 we installed a new steel roof on the building. Then, in 2002 we decided to totally gut the building (inside and out) and create a place where the “girls” could do our crafts. As a homeschooling family, we used the process as an opportunity for our daughter to practice some of her education (guess who got to do the geometry when we were cutting wood and siding materials for the peaks?!)  From building trusses, to running electrical wires, installing insulation, painting, and even erecting a very big pergola … she helped in every aspect of the process.

    There are two small rooms, a loft, and one very large open area (we’ve used it for many things! Crafting, quilting, parties, movie nights, training classes, etc). The pergola has built-in benches and concord grape vines that totally cover the 18′ x 24′ structure. It makes a wonderfully cool and dreamy place to relax and enjoy summer.

In addition to these buildings, you’ll find:

  • a wonderful fire pit situated between the house and the cottage
  • an orchard south of the barn (no unsightly “fallen fruits” in the front yard)
  • a kite flying field in the south-west corner of the property – plenty of room and no electrical wires to worry about … it’s all fun!
  • a burn “pit” to the far west of the property – pile up any fallen branches and have an old-fashioned bonfire
  • old-growth pine tree wind-break … many picnics and “Pirate Sightings” have been enjoyed in the secret hide-away created by these majestic trees
  • Huge swing set – ready to be the center of attention for a crew of youngsters!
  • TREES!!! Of all kinds!  Ash, Red Oak, Amur Maple, Crepe Myrtle, Black Walnut, Red Maple, Catalpa, Linden, Conifer, Blue Spruce, Colorado Spruce, and Hybrid Willows.

The link below will lead you to a document that contains all the building stats (sq ft, structural details, services, etc) … click on the link below.

Property Improvements PDF

If you are interested in learning more … visit some of the other pages of information here … you’ll find photos on some of them.

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS SITE WITH OTHERS … you never know WHERE or HOW the next inhabitants will be found!

This property will be offered for sale at a PUBLIC AUCTION on APRIL 24, 2010

For more information click HERE


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I have admired your acreage many times as I’ve driven past. I suspected it was something very special from just my passing looks! We also have an acreage so aren’t in the market for a place such as yours, but if we were, it would be one of my top choices! Thanks for sharing your little piece of Heaven with the world!
Bernie and Annie Onnen/ Schaller

Comment by Ann Onnen

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